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Good Sports is all about creating positive sporting experiences for children and young people. It does this by supporting and educating parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport leaders, who all contribute to children’s sport.

Netball is one of the national sport organisations that promotes the Good Sports philosophy.  

Both practitioners and researchers agree that many issues in youth sport stem from adult involvement. These issues include poor side-line behaviour, overuse injury, burnout and disaffection with sport - and they can hinder success on and off the Netball court. 

To address these issues and give children and young people the best chance of developing a lifelong love of sport, Good Sports focuses on raising adults’ awareness about their behaviours in youth sport and, if necessary, promoting a positive shift in that behaviour. 

In partnership with Aktive and Sport New Zealand, Good Sports is funded by New Zealand Community Trust and AUT. 


The Good Sports Spine

This resource is a tool to help parents, coaches, teachers and sport administrators understand how they impact children’s sport experiences.

Good Sports Coaching Tips

This one pager shares five simple tips to help coaches have a great season.

Good Sports Guide for Coaching

The aim of this 12-page guide is to create quality experiences for the children they coach.

Good Sports Learning Module - enrol in the free online course

Keen to learn more and become a Good Sports expert? Completing the Good Sports modules will enable adults; parents, coaches, caregivers and teachers to have the necessary skills to be able to create a positive and meaningful sporting experience for our kiwi tamariki and rangitahi.