No netball games during school holidays

Netball Manurewa

  • Delivers netball services through a local Netball Centre
  • Has an indoor court
  • 10 outdoor courts (4 covered courts)
  • 2 outdoor basketball courts
  • 1 futsal unity pitch
  • a number of other rooms and facilities in the building

This Centre has been providing access to netball for the population of Manurewa and neighbouring areas for over 30 years. Its population catchment covers areas of South Auckland that are among the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse.


  • Friendships and Networks – the role played in the creation and growth of personal, social and professional friendships and networks.
  • Strengthening Families – the role played in the growth and strength of families through intergenerational activity involvement and sharing.
  • Personal growth – the role played in growing as a person, and as someone positive in the community. It is also linked to ‘Mana Wahine’ (see below)
  • ‘Mana wahine’ – the role played in growing girls into strong women.While expressed here as a concept from Maori culture, it applies to all girls and women.
  • Making a contribution – the role played in passing on the benefits and values to others. It’s not just about getting, it’s also about giving.
  • Community focus – the role played by providing a place really seen as an inclusive community centre
  • Ownership and pride – the role played by netball and the new centre in generating feelings of community ownership and pride.

Louisa Wall

The local Manurewa MP and ex-Silver fern supporting the new Netball Manurewa Community Events Centre:

“Netball is a wonderful and successful vehicle for healthy lifestyles; fitness; social networks; player progression; role modelling; goal setting; opportunity for advancement: and a platform to achieve and celebrate personal and team success.”